Program Overview

In pursuant to KAPSARC’s commitment to the growth and development of talents as future professionals, our interns will be equipped with practical experience in different career paths. Trainees will gain valuable industry knowledge, ranging from specific energy domains to enabling functions.

Being part of the KAPSARC internship program is a great opportunity to contribute to something that impacts society on a global scale. The knowledge acquired will prove beneficial no matter where your career takes you. When you become a member of our team you will have hands-on exposure to real-time projects and work alongside some of the industry’s brightest and sharpest minds.


The internship program provides a variety of benefits for students to broaden their chances for a career start. The program aims to transfer the acquired theoretical knowledge to a more fruitful and realistic experience.

The program aims to provide the following:

  • On-the-job training.
  • Practical knowledge.
  • Different career opportunities.
  • Develop industry-related skillsets.
  • Promote academic, career, and personal development.
  • Corporate social responsibility.


Program Intakes (Starting Date):

  • Fall Semester
  • Spring Semester
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Eligibility Criteria

  1. Minimum of Very Good GPA.
  2. University endorsement letter for on-the-job training requirement.
  3. Fluent in English (written and spoken).
  4. Program duration: six (6) months.




  1. Engineering
  2. Project Management
  3. Cybersecurity and Information Technology
  4. Economics
  5. Business Administration
  6. Finance and Accounting
  7. Translation
  8. Communication and Public Relations